Wordpress - Loopback Request

My Cyberpanel instance is running on LXC on Ubuntu 22.04 in Proxmox and I get the following errors in WordPress:

A scheduled event is late

The scheduled event, recovery_mode_clean_expired_keys, is late to run. Your site still works, but this may indicate that scheduling posts or automated updates may not work as intended.

The REST API did not behave correctly

The REST API is one way that WordPress and other applications communicate with the server. For example, the block editor screen relies on the REST API to display and save your posts and pages.

The REST API did not process the context query parameter correctly.

Your site could not complete a loopback request

Loopback requests are used to run scheduled events, and are also used by the built-in editors for themes and plugins to verify code stability.

The loopback request returned an unexpected http status code, 404, it was not possible to determine if this will prevent features from working as expected.

My workaround for now is manually adding the entry of sitename.com to /etc/hosts, but I think there is some solution here I am not seeing. Is there anywhere I can modify to make this work properly? on my KVM cyberpanel install I noticed no issues, but that is on a different provider.

Any help would be much appreciated!
Thank you!

I figured it out, was an issue with hairpin NAT on the host, after enabling it, everything functioned properly.

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