Wordpress Install

fresh installation cyberpanel

anyone having trouble at installing wordpress using new domain not website ?

i check all procedure… db not created.

Had this same issue older panel. Just create DB manually or try run update script.

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older panel ? cyberpanel have new version ?

wtf: i miss the info lol
Note: Latest commit does not match, please upgrade.

thankyou to remind me

yes i know that… and install manually
but i think this is not normal right ?

Like 6 month ago old…

and new server working fine ?

Last time when tried maybe week ago was fine.

before the update for alma…hmmm
verywell thank you for your confirmation
i will do upgrade and test

It’s working

Current Version :2.3
Build :1
Current Commit :9c0f4927ae12589c9e64fd48f841a15ff7027360

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