Wordpress backups only doing 2 sites, then silently stop


I’ve configured the Wordpress backups on Wasabi. I’ve set up DB and data seperately, so the DB can be ran more frequently.
All seemed fine, untill I found out only two sites were sent to S3 wasabi and the other never. In the logs (/home/cyberpanel/error-logs.txt) I see all the websites being processed, but only two arrive at wasabi.

Anyone experienced this?

Can you show me the disk space usage?

I found the issue. The backups are fine. They’re there, Wasabi is just not showing them in the webinterface somehow. When searching for the specific filename I can find them.
Bit weird, but after spending hours trying to figure out what’s going on I’m going to accept that Wasabi is just weird and the backups work. :slight_smile:

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