Wordpress 404 internal error on MariaDB

Ok, I have a dilemma here. I just moved a site from one server running Webmin to a new one on cyberpanel. After migrating the site all my internal pages are giving me 404 errors (YES I RE-SAVED THE PERMALINKS AND CHECKED .HTACCESS).
The only difference I can see is that on the old server I am running MySQL 5.7 but cyberpanel uses MariaDB.

So I took the same backup and loaded it on a local machine that is on MySQL 5.7 and the site works perfectly.

What did I miss?

Never mind I figured it out.
The PHP time limit on Cyberpanel was set 30 I changed it to 36000 now all good

apparently, that wasn’t the fix ha it’s still working for some odd reasons. I just transferred another site and same issue grrrrr