Why all sites placed just inside \\home ?


For all users panel creates site`s folder just inside \home. For example: for site1.localhost (owner - user1) panel creates \home\site1.localhost , for site2.localhost (owner - user2) panel creates \home\site2.localhost, etc…

Can panel use username for site`s folder, like this: \home\user1\site1.localhost , \home\user2\site2.localhost ?

Correct, for now, we use /home/example.com.

But why? I want to create only one ftp-user for all user’s sites, but I can’t to do this, because I can`t give access to /home inasmuch as /home contains sites of all users. Is there a way to do this?

You can use SFTP.

Ok, but how SFTP can help with this? What are the differences between FTP and SFTP in this case? If I give access to /home, user can see all sites of all another users

I am not understanding your use case here, can you explain in more details.

Because with SFTP, you will be using root login details, resulting in full access to the system, however FTP restricts the user access to certain directories.

For example - I created 2 users (and 2 ftp users). User1 has 2 sites, user2 has 3 sites. Both users see all 5 sites. How can I give access to users only for own sites? User should not see other user’s sites. How can I do this?

an easy way to do this is as follows, create a website and in the panel you access the website and inside you create a new domain, you will get /home/domain1.com/domain2.com

it would work like this!

This is actually a very nice panel for single website management