By mistake i subscribed for 14days litespeed licence from serverstatus/litespeedStatus but i cannot found way to remove it

  • my question is what will happen after 14days?
  • its new server, so whatever sites i will add will show error after 14days?

You can switch back to OpenLitespeed at any time from within your cyberpanel.

Just go to Server Status and from the dropdown, choose LiteSpeed Status, then click on switch.


Unfortunately converting to OpenLiteSpeed is not possible from CyberPanel. Once the license expired your server will go down, you can set up new CyberPanel and transfer sites.

Wow, it says 14 days trial, should there not be a warning that it is a one way street with no way back?

Can I still make a backup of the websites? I didn’t even notice that I activated Premium and now it has expired. I can’t even make a backup of WordPress etc anymore
How can I do this now? It should be warned very much that cyberpanel does not work after 14 days

already warned… cyberpanel 2.1.2 updated

solution : reinstall