What is value-add of VMM/Docker Manager in absence of a Proxy/Load Balancer?

TL;DR. Suggesting that install.sh --LB might be a bigger winner for CyberPanel than install.sh --VMM. Much gentler on your support resources as well.

Good day. I didn’t see a forum category for the VMM so posting here for now.

I would appreciate some screen shots showing the VMM in action as I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around how virtualization fits into your product lineup. I can’t see past the licensing and networking issues that appear to arise if the hardware is not virtualized before the web server is installed. Yet what is the value-add in generic server virtualization? Isn’t that old, boring tech?

AFAIK, virtualization has long been solved. Support is not to be underestimated either when we are speaking of network bridging and bonding. Take a stroll through the Proxmox forums. Years and years and years of user frustration when they attempt to jump from OpenVZ virtualization to KVM.

We are similarly curious as to how real customers are using Docker Manager on the same server as LSWS? At first glance I thought Docker Manager might be a shortcut to implementing the popular Discourse forum. However, LSWS, as installed by CyberPanel, will still need a proxy or load balancer in front of it and Discourse (or any other web-like service). Nothing terribly sophisticated. However not push-button easy because not included in CyberPanel’s install and config at the present time.

I suspect a push-button easy load balancer has much more value-add then yet another virtualizer. Hard to get excited about KVM in 2019. And we’re halfway to 2020.

Easy to be excited about Discourse. Not only because of its features but because we are frequently reminded that it is simply bad business to handover control of our data to Slack, Facebook, Google etc. So if you asked me (and you didn’t) which would get you more fame and glory, I would say anything that has the Discourse name associated with it or waves the data privacy flag is a winner.

Discourse is incredibly popular, is free to self host (but pushes a pricey cloud hosting business model) and doesn’t play well with web servers. Whereas there are plenty of mature virtualization solutions available for free.

Best of all, it installs with Nginx. What??? That’s a good thing??? Well, in the hands of a marketing pro it can be. Harry Potter had Voldermort. Luke Skywalker had Darth Vader. LiteSpeed has F5. $2,500 per instance per year for support of non-critical systems where extended response time is acceptable. Double that for “standard support.” Yikes!

A LightSpeed vendor can reap huge PR by improving rather than replacing the Discourse Docker container. Why take on the support of that container just to get rid of Nginx? Better to be the “bigger man” and plop LSWS in front of it.

The industry will take note. One cannot buy that kind of advertising. Benchmarks be damned. This is how you improve on Nginx in the REAL WORLD – You put LSWS in front of it! And remember to say: “Thank you CyberPanel for LiteSpeed-enabling my Discourse Forum.”

“Oh and I get fast WordPress with a slick control panel too? Thank you CyberPanel indeed.”

Apologies for the long posting. Thank you for reading.