What Happened to OpenLiteSpeed Performance??

As the Title Says, What Happened to OpenLiteSpeed Performance.???

I have been using Cyberpanel for the last 2 plus years… and its been just, speed & performance for Wordpress, just top notch.

Bu that all has changed.

I started to notice this performance downgrades, every since they introduced the New LiteSpeed Cache Plugin, Different UI etc…

My personal Website, which has about 12 pages, loads much slower than it used to.

It feels bloated, like something just added alot of bloat to it, that is, comparing it to the older OLS software.

I have a website that is still running with the older Cache plugin, and it performs really fast.

Now here’s the interesting thing…

I recently ran a test with a website i created, a website that has about 500+ products, 12+ pages and 12 plugins.

i noticed this website (Wordpress admin panel), was loading slow, it was taking long to respond when opening a product or navigating, Took around 3 to 4 seconds to load.

Also, i was getting a few " 503 " error codes.

Navigating the Front end, the products would take a while to load, 3 to 4 Seconds, Adding a product to the Cart, 3 to 3.5 seconds, even checkout would perform slow.

The Website:
It has combined and compressed Css and Js, It uses Redis aswell.
It has all the optimal settings.

I also Installed different cache plugins, just to see if the problem was the
LiteSpeed Cache Plugin.

Wp-Rocket: would improve just a bit.
Swift Performance: would improve just a bit more.
and test many others… but still performance wasn’t there.

i haven’t installed the older LiteSpeed Cache Plugin, maybe i’ll do a test later on.

Al also disabled all plugins, this helped performance, but what’s the point of having a site without plugins.

I decided to clone the website and run a test with Nginx.

And the results were, really Good.
The products loaded in under 1 second, the admin area loads in under 1 second or 1.5, it feels snappy navigating the admin area and the front end.

But Doing Stress test, OLS Beats Nginx.

Test Server Specs.
Nginx CentOS 8, Linode 8GB: 4 CPU, 160GB Storage, 8GB RAM

Original Server Specs.
OpenLightSpeed CentOS 7, Dedicated Server 32GB: 24 CPU, 1TB Storage, 32GB RAM

So the question still remains, What Happened to OpenLiteSpeed Performance??

Have any of you noticed a performance decrease?
Is there a way to fix this, maybe by adjusting some settings on OLS?



Finally i was able to resolve the issue, it turns out, the issue isn’t OLS, it was Cloudflare.

I Disabled and Configured Following From Cloudflare.

Browser Cache TTL " Respect Existing Headers "
Disabled " Brotli "
Disabled " Rocket Loader "

Then Cleared Cache on Cloudflare… The results…
All my issues were Gone.

The website feels Snappy. Beats Nginx with flying Colors.

Went From 4 to 2 seconds.

Hi @Loops I noticed something similar, configuring Browser Cache TTL as " Respect Existing Headers " on cloudflare really improved few seconds of load time.

Although I kept Brotli enabled.