What happen after 30 days trial period LiteSpeed?

I have tested three servers with the trial version. As of today, I am very pleased with the results. However, instead of purchasing three licenses after the trial, I would only buy two. The third server is intended for backup purposes only. My question is: what happens after the 30-day trial period of LiteSpeed? Can I switch it to OpenLiteSpeed? If yes, are there any tutorials I can follow?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @jaypabs

Your server will be disabled and you will have two options:

  1. Buy a monthly license to continue using enterprise
  2. Provision a new cyberpanel server with OpenLiteSpeed

Hi @josephgodwinke
Can you please clarify item #2? My concern is regarding the third server that I don’t want to have a paid license.

Can I uninstall the current CyberPanel and install a new one or reinstall the operating system to have a fresh installation, allowing me to install a new CyberPanel with OpenLiteSpeed?

It would be great if there is an option to downgrade from LiteSpeed to OpenLiteSpeed.

No you cannot uninstall we do not have a way or script for that.

Thats why I used the term “provision” you have to install cyberpanel on a clean server by reinstalling the os or restoring a previous snapshot or backup of the server

You can poll this in a spearate topic.