Website Transfer through Remote Backup

I am trying to do website transfer from 1 cyberpanel server to another cyberpanel server and getting following error. Account fetch is showing the websites but transfer shows error just after click.

Error: Can not initiate remote transfer. Error message: ‘transferStatus’.

Enabled Debug but there is no debug log generated in /home/cyberpanel/error-log.
Source server OS is CentOS7 and Destination server OS is Ubuntu20.
Both servers have latest version of cyberpanel and all the services are running fine.

Can you upgrade both servers to latest CyberPanel and try.

Hello Asma,
Thank you for responding to the query.
Both servers are already running latest version of cyberpanel.
Still I have run update on both again.
Not only cyberpanel but all the OS packages are up to date.
Even cyberpanel support has also run update on both servers but still the same error.
There is 1 correction. Both servers are running Ubuntu 20. Not 1 centos7 and 1 ubuntu20.