Website Not Working -

I believe some kind of permissions error is stopping the website from working.
When trying to go to the website, the browser says that nothing is returned.
When I look up the “who is” info for the site, it says that it’s currently unavailable.
When in FTP and trying to rename, move or delete any files, it gives this error:
Permission denied.
Error code: 3
Error message from server: Permission denied

However, all the permissions look fine. They are the same as the other sites on the server. I’ve gone into File Manager and clicked on Fix Permissions—still not working.

Not sure how this happened.

Connect with SFTP and see who is owner of files.

The owner is a similar name to the other websites that are working. 5 alpha characters and then 4 numerical characters.

That sounds right if first 5 letter is from that site domain. Try see server logs if you see anything in there.

The log for that website stopped when something went wrong at midnight yesterday. The server had stopped working. All websites would time out. When I restarted openlitespeed, it would work for a few seconds and then all website would time out again. I ran an update for Cyberpanel, and things started working again—except for the site in this thread.
I’m not sure what the original problem was.

I found these errors just now:

[04.27.2022_04-00-02] [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: ‘/home/’ [calculateBandwidth]
[04.27.2022_04-00-02] invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘’ [calculateBandwidth]

Hm, there was also this the past couple of days before the whole server stopped working:

[04.23.2022_00-00-04] invalid literal for int() with base 10: ‘’ [calculateBandwidth]
[04.23.2022_00-00-17] [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ‘/home/cyberpanel/git’. [IncScheduler.git:90]

I looked at the auditmodsec.log and I found this regarding the website:

Not sure why the date is so far in the past. All the other sites referred to in that log have dates current or in the future

I had run the creation of a server snapshot before I did the Cyberpanel upgrade. It failed the first time. Could it have somehow locked the folder of the website I’m having trouble with when it failed making the snapshot part way through?

To be honest not sure what to do… But I would try take backup totally remove site and create site again from backup.

I actually just tried removing the site and the permissions will not let me remove the files/folders of that site. I’ve even logged in as root via putty to try to remove and also via SFTP

Maybe try remove that folder with console

What’s console? In cyberpanel?

I figured it out. When I had run the creation of a snapshot in Vultr to backup the server before I ran a CyberPanel update, the first snapshot I ran failed. I ran it a second time, which succeeded. I then updated CyberPanel and that went fine. After the update is when I noticed that this folder seems to be “locked”, where I can delete/rename/move anything in this folder.

It turns out that when the snapshot is being created, it applies an “immutable” attribute to folders in order to “freeze” them as it is backing it up, so that it is not reading files as they are being changed. When that first snapshot failed, it was in the process of backing up this folder which I couldn’t delete and it left the “immutable” attribute on the folder after it failed. Solution was to use the chattr command to take off the immutable attribute

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