Users unable to access dashboard from previous ACL on CentOS

Hi @CyberPanel Team,

I recently upgraded the version to latest 2.1 few days back, I am using cyberpanel on CentOS and my developer was not able to access the dashboard from their login.

They were geting JSON error after login and error 500 when navigating to other sections of dashboard. From admin I am also not able to modify their ACL getting same JSON error.

Kindly check this screenshot here: User ACL error CyberPanel CentOS - Image on Pasteboard

I created a new ACL and edited the user which is working fine, so the error is shown to user from existing ACL only. I did not face such issue on the Ubuntu install, so I thought it may be related to CentOS only.

@usmannasir Special Thanks to you and team for maintaining the CyberPanel, it’s one of the best open source server management panel.

Kindly check if this is a possible bug.
Regards. :smile:

ACL code is bit changed, so for any customs ACLs you will have to recreate those ACLs.