User/s Accounts (cannot create user / or user website)

Create New User
Create root, reseller or normal users on this page.

Cannot create user (loading bubbles stuck on loop)

and once it actually created a user & now

when I logged into that user account.
but could not create website ?? even though i had set website limit 10

Also whats the point of having different packages if you cannot assign them to users ??? < that cannot be created :wink:

Earlier we did not have Child Domains feature for packages. Now you can create child domains under a website, and its limit is set from a Package.

Only administrator can create websites and assign them to different owners (users).

Reseller level user is currently removed from control panel, more about child domains at:

Iā€™m still having troubles creating users.
the button to create stops working as soon as i put and entry in name e.t.c ?

Use the link to create ticket: Home - CyberPanel