Use CyberPanel as shared hosting panel


We use CyberPanel to shared hosting panel, and we have so many problems… Many of our problems stem from the basic design of the cyberpanel, which is one of the serious problem is the website limits, in the cyberpanel we only can add limits to the website (by the packages) and not for the user, so example we have a big hosting plan with unlimited website, but only with 15GB overall disk limit… The user can create unlimited number of website with 15GB disk space… (which is equal up to 300 website x15GB) We need a overall disk limit for the user to restrict the websites disk usage…

But we can’t bcz here is not have option for that… (live example: we have a user with 3 websites and each of the three websites are use 15GB of the disk, bcz the limit is only valid for the website… :confused:)

Any tipp, or we can expect option for that?

not yet :slight_smile:

and you forgot : if you have client not use their public_html
but use email only
the email quota will not counted at packages size limit :slight_smile:

just same like your plan

but they cant over from 15GB
this is just like oversell concept

( ithink so… never try to proof it)