Upload limit php

I’m trying to upload a file 108 MB to my site but, although I changed the parameter for php for upload_max_filesize and post_max_size to 200M, it still does not let. Al support answers say that by changing parameters the problem shoul be solved but it is not working for me.

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Did you restart lsphp and lsws ?

Can you give the cli for restart lsphp and lsws? Thanks.

## for ubuntu
$ sudo systemctl restart lsphp && sudo systemctl restart lsws
## for all distros
$ sudo service lsphp restart && sudo service lsws reload

No. How can I do that?

Open ssh terminal and run those commands

I had installed PuTTy to run the SSH. To connect I use the user and password given in the Website - Mangage - SETUP SSH ACCESS.
But it says that the user “is not on sudoers file”. To fix that, the system asks for superuser password. I tried many passwords including the admin password of cyberpanel, and it does not work.
Could you help me with some probable solution?

You need to have access to a sudo user or root user. Ask your provider for access or they can do the steps for you