Upload dump of Mysql into mariadb on cyberpanel

according to these posts (I was asked in here and ubuntu forum):

now I upload my db into mysql and have question
obesely I must upload the db file into my server, then in my command must use the path ot the file but how?

see the result:

in this case what is the next movement?

I said before, the backup file is about 500 mg size and from web I get error and have to upload with command.


If you google it, you can find all those commands to mention the path. I will refrain from commenting more as I remember the last time you blamed everyone for things we haven’t done. you abruptly blamed cyberpanel for blocking your country ip which doesnt really happen and you could have checked the source code in cyberpanel github before the blame game.

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Hi @die2mrw007
First of all, I apologies in that post at the same time when I understand you are not part of cyberpanel team and just want to help the people. You can see there. When someone understand his mistake there is no reason to blame him.
Second, we are pretty sure that cyberpanel was blocked our IP address, our internet provider communicates with theme and they accept that was blocked our range ip. Due to the non-disclosure of information, I cannot show you her document here in public, but it is his email and I can send it to you in a private message.
I wonder you are one of the users of this community like me, but with what confidence do you say that they do not block and restrict the ip when they themselves accept to do this and then solve the problem, then how do you think I use cyberpanel? At the same ip? Yes, because solving the problem, and it was mistake but now it’s solved.
Thanks for all your kind and all of your help, but I didn’t ask to help, it was not mandatory, it was up to you to help the others. you can ignore me in this forum and don’t reply to me, but I will ask and search to find the solution that I faced with them. Not just here , everywhere I looking for answers.
Have good time.

@av_admin can you please tell me if you are using csf?

Hi @shoaibkk
If you mean this :

Yes , It’s runing

For restoring MySQL dump via command line I gave you a tutorial, follow that tutorial with extreme care and you will be able to restore you database via cli.

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Hi @asma
Yes please.
I’m waiting for your tutorial.

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