Upgrade for new version and SNAPPYMAIL dont work

Upgrade for new version and SNAPPYMAIL dont work

Just work in:

and admin here: /rainloop/?admin

I think after upgrade this problem is solve but i dont have snappymail

I trie again explain the problem…:

I have the new version of CyberPanel: Current Version: 2.3
Current Commit: 8dd7c560508b0a7a69131ea07ea44b63d0e96cb1

But SNAPPYMAIL dont exist just exist RAINLOOP

Please help me to remove or change RAINLOOP for SNAPPYMAIL

Obs: I trie many times execute upgrade script and not work…

some time snapy not get replaced with the rainloop keep this and wait for next update

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Tks… not realy ist the best way but i wait…

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