Update 1.9.3 from 1.9.2 cyberpanel giving 500 error

I am on ubuntu 18. I updated cyberpanel to latest 1.9.3 after that it starts giving server 500 error. The login page is not available due to this.
I am having this–>> Imgur: The magic of the Internet error while upgrading.
The websites and litespeed server is working properly.
The Cyberpanel service also works in server. I just checked service status in ubuntu.
Rainloop and Phpmyadmin also working as expected.
Problem is with cyberpanel only.

Few more screenshots:


Centos 7, same problem :neutral:

Centos 7, same problem

same here and a lot of others. I did see one of my sites after a while the error went away and I was able to login

Ubuntu from the AWS image same here.

this worked for me


try it and luck!!

Is it safe to update yet for CentOS 7 users?

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Is it safe to update yet for CentOS 7 users?

I updated with no issues so far.

Unfortunately, it is not working yet. It broke all my websites and made them all redirect to a double “/” terminated URL. For example, mywebsite.com would redirect to https://mywebsite.com// and so on. I always make a snapshot, though, so I was able to recover my environment. As it is, there are serious issues that need to be resolved before 1.9.3 is considered production ready and fully stable.

EDIT: My error arose from my running OpenLiteSpeed 1.6.4. The installer downgraded me to 1.5.*. Upgrading back to 1.6.5 seems to fix the issues.

I should have stated that i was using litespeed ent.