unexpected error 403

I think my WP multisite has crashed MariaDB, I imagine due to human error. I restarted MariaDB, the WP multisite was the only site inacessible, I tried the ‘unspend’ function ; now I got an unexpected 403 error. What shall I do ?

Are you able to access your site from CyberPanel side?

See if everything is fine from File manager (data wise). Also look at OpenLiteSpeed error logs at: /serverlogs/errorLogs

From the Cyberpanel File Manager I can not access files, because of unfinite loading, but by FTP it is accessible.
The error logs was accessible before I ran the Unsuspend Site function. I tried this because I thought this site was at the orgin of MariaDB crash and Cyberpanel had to suspend the site, as it was the only site offline after restarting MariaDB

2018-07-12 09:42:09.725229 [ERROR] Compress with both Brotli and Gzip turned off. <code class="CodeInline"> MIME type [application/x-httpd-php] for suffix '.php' does not allow serving as static file, access denied!
Redirect: #1, URL: /index.php`

Ok this site is back with changing PHP version.

Have a good day!

I think PHP settings got corrupted, glad it sorted out on your end.