Unable to SSH to website. Not urgent problem as can SSH to server.

Provider: Me

Dedicated Server 2x2680v2 256GB RAM 500GB SSD

Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS (Fresh install, update, upgrade)

OLS or Enterprise? OLS
CyberPanel 1.8.8 Fresh Install (not upgrade)

The following info is from my memory. Is there a log I can check?

Installing from official server or mirror server? official

Replace JS/CSS files to JS Delivr? no

Install Memcached extension for PHP? Yes

Install LiteSpeed Memcached? yes

Install Memcached? no

Install Redis extension for PHP? yes

Install Redis? yes


Unable to SSH to website. No error message generating password however unable to login via putty. Error message: Access denied based on these credentials

Note: SSH to server works fine. Changed port works fine. I am only user so not urgent need.

So it is on Ubuntu, this might not be a bug in CentOS, did you try? Will fix on Ubuntu.

Yes, Ubuntu server. Not urgent.