Unable to login to RainLoop "Authentication Failed"

I am unable to log in to RainLoop mail. It is showing “Authentication Failed”. When I logged into admin and tried to add a domain it is showing these results. Please check these screenshots:

  1. Pasteboard - Uploaded Image
  2. Pasteboard - Uploaded Image
  3. Pasteboard - Uploaded Image

If you check these 3 above screenshots, I believe you will be able to understand my problem better. Another info: All ports for emails as per cyberpanel are open.

hmm I see the domain is relayed via Cloudflare DNS so the domain will not resolve to correct IP, Cloudflare will mask the IP

so create an another A record like smtp.domain.com and point to the server IP without Cloudflare masking ( proxy) and try to add it

it will work

Maybe my workaround fits your problem: