Unable to install WordPress on 2.1.2

Hi all,

So I’m getting this weird problem that I have never had before… but I went to create a new website and then install a “WordPress + LSCache” install and it keeps getting stuck on the following screen:

I also attempted to manually FTP the WordPress Core files and then setup and import a standard WordPress table and it’s not working either, which gives me this error:

The database .sql or .sql.zip file are literally less than 2MB.

All of the php.ini settings have been adjusted in the PHP Panel on Cyberpanel.

All help is appreciated!

Any error logs? Please share logs detail to understand the issue properly.

There are no error logs shown under the specific website:

Are there other error logs I can access to possibly see if they are present there?

Not here, Under Logs option in Cyberpanel Menu on left.

Shows absolutely nothing in the error logs, it’s such a weird thing happening, this has never happened before:

I guess I can manually upload the WordPress Core files, but the biggest issue is that I don’t know how to access the phpMyAdmin using Sequel Pro, I find the right host and port.

Please try the cyberpanel upgrade command and check whether it resolves the issue. If not let me know.
If possible do provide with a temporary login access and I will check and find a solution for you.

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i was had similar problems

solved by sh upgrade

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I just tried again and I also upgraded Cyberpanel to the latest stable version, 2.1.2 and no luck at all - I will be messaging over the login details.