Unable to install Sieve for AutoReply function

Hi people.

I am running Cento7 with CyberPanel. Am trying to install Sieve for Autoreply function on RainLoop.

However, I face a problem installing Sieve on my server. I followed this guide: Filtering Spam in RainLoop, AutoReply and Email Filters with Sieve - CyberPanel

However, I got stuck at step 1. When I try to run this script:
sudo yum install–enablerepo=gf-plus install dovecot23-pigeonhole -y

it returns with this:
Loaded plugins: copr, fastestmirror, priorities
No such command: install–enablerepo=gf-plus. Please use /bin/yum --help
and nothing is installed.

Any experts with any idea how to get Sieve to install?

Thanks in advanced

You need to add space after install, like

yum install --enablerepo=gf-plus install dovecot23-pigeonhole -y

Thank you, it works.