Unable to get Git Manager to work on websites

Hi all,

So since the beginning of time, I was never able to setup Git Manager successfully and I can’t seem to figure out the problem, so I’m reaching out to the community for some guidance.

I’ve tried both the “Init repo” and the “Attach Existing Repo” and each time I try to connect to github, I keep getting the following error:

Operation Failed!

You are not authorized to access this resource.

Here is all that’s been completed:

  • The Deployment Key has been added to the parent level on the user account, which is the one that CyberPanel provides.
  • The repo is empty and also the repo is public.

Does anyone know what causes this issue?

do you follow this?

I followed that exact guide, but don’t see any details about “You are not authorized to access this resource” errors.

When attaching a Git Manager, can WordPress + LS Cache be already configured for the website?

Can anyone assist on this?

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