Unable to download OWASP ModSecurity Core Rules and COMODO ModSecurity 3.0

Dear team,
After a fresh installation, when I am configuring the Mod security on the cyber panel I got an error for both OWASP and MODDECURITY 3.0.

I also checked both URLs .they are throwing 404 errors

for comodo =https://cyberpanel.net/modsec/comodo.tar.gz
for OWSAP =https://cyberpanel.net/modsec/owasp.tar.gz

It’s the same with me. I don’t know how to solve it

you can edit the file

/usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/modSec.py and change the mirrorpath from “cyberpanel.net” to “cyberpanel.sh”

mirrorPath = “cyberpanel.sh”

and try install and it will be ok

thanks maxin it really helped to me

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thanks maxin it really helped to me

most welcome :slight_smile: