Unable to connect to SSl: xavat.net:465 (Connection refused)

For a couple of days, I could not be to send email from the server, and today when I try to check the mail configuration I am getting this error message

I have successfully installed SSL for the mail server however it still refused to send and receive emails

what is the reslts of checktls?

This is the result

seconds lookup result
[000.000] DNS LOOKUPS
[000.009] SEARCHLIST,,,,
[000.012] MX (10) mail.Xavat.net
[000.014] MX:A–>mail.Xavat.net
seconds test stage and result
[000.000] Trying TLS on mail.Xavat.net[] (10)
[000.003] Cannot contact server (reason: Connection refused)

ports are ok?

How can I check the status of the ports? I’m using Digital Ocean