Unable to access Cyberpanel admin after update 1.9.4 & 1.9.5


Today I received a message from server monitoring system that my websites on which Cyberpanel 1.9.2 was installed were unavailable & server was down. Showing Error 521 on all websites with Cyberpanel installed.

So I thought I might update to latest version 1.9.4 hopefully it will resolve the issue. But on running the update command available here → Upgrading CyberPanel - CyberPanel

It showed 2 versions available but I didn’t took any actions & it continued upgrading the server to latest stable version 1.9.4 but after update my Cyberpanel admin is also not accessible at port ::8090 & no websites are opening as well.

I then a upgraded to latest unreleased version 1.9.5 hoping to resolve the issue & still the same situation no websites are loading & unable to access the CyberPanel admin as well.

############ CyberPanel Upgraded ############

I am able to access via SSH only, Need your help to resolve this issue.

@qtwrk @usmannasir @CyberPanel


Update after I rebooted the server now websites are loading but still unable to access Cyberpanel admin at port 8090.

Still getting the error 503 Service Unavailable .

Hi @CyberPanel @usmannasir @qtwrk can you let me know how to resolve this issue as my Cyberpanel admin at port 8090 is showing 503 error & the hosted website are again not opening showing Error 521 server down.


Bug regarding error 503 on port 8090 has been fixed. Just upgrade again.

Hi @gabrielcossette thanks for the information I will try to upgrade again tonight.