[Tutorial] How to use OpenLiteSpeed as Reverse Proxy server.

Can I do multiple of this in the same server?

I have hosted multiple domains on the same OpenLiteSpeed server using CyberPanel

Let’s say I have hosted one.abc.com and two.abc.com using CyberPanel. If relevant, my server hostname is panel.abc.com.

Now, I want to use one.abc.com as reverse proxy for one.xyz.com.
And, two.abc.com as reverse proxy for two.xyz.com.

If it can be done then can you please tell me how I can do this?

yes , you can do multiple proxy , just repeat above process

In my console don’t have the option context. whats should i do?

But may I ask: what the reason of doing this (OpenLiteSpeed as Reverse Proxy server)?


Will this apply for an external public IP:PORT?

I’m trying to access an internal web server by mapping the public IP and port to a subdomain with openlitespeed and cyberpanel.

I am unable to make it work.

Can you please point me to where I can accomplish this?

Thank you very much.


I am stuck on step 2 as I can’t find the GUI that has the External App tab. Is OpenLightSpeed different from CyberPanel web hosting panel?

To view your openlitespeed settings, you need to visit your IP address:7080
for example, if your ip address is then you need to enter this in your web browser : to access Openlitespeed webserver interface.

How about setting up a proxy for a URL/subdomain on my server to a domain that’s NOT on my server.

I want to proxy a local URL/subdomain on my server to another domain that’s not on my server.

For example, this is what I want to achieve

I want to proxy https://mydomain.com/track to https://www.google-analytics.com

For Subdomain it can be as follows:
https://track.mydomain.com to https://www.google-analytics.com

How can I achieve either?

Have anybody settings for multiple servers? Not loadbalancing, I want use it like Varnish cache system front of 5 VPS.