To translate, you must translate:
Add in:
(‘en’, _(‘English’)),
(‘cn’, _(‘Chinese’)),
(‘br’, _(‘Bulgarian’)),
(‘pt’, _(‘Portuguese’)),
(‘ja’, _(‘Japanese’)),
(‘bs’, _(‘Bosnian’)),
(‘gr’, _(‘Greek’)),
(‘ru’, _(‘Russian’)),
(‘tr’, _(‘Turkish’)),
(‘es’, _(‘Spanish’)),
(‘xx’, _(‘XXXXX’)),
Add in:
#: CyberCP/CyberCP/
msgid “XXXXX”
msgstr “XXXXX”

Where else do you have to change to make the new language appear to be a loggerhead when logging in?

You need to add an option to select this language while you log in on this file:

On backend you need to select this language for the whole session:

For example language name Test with language code ts:

elif data['languageSelection'] == "Test":
                 user_Language = "ts"
                 request.session[LANGUAGE_SESSION_KEY] = user_Language
                 request.COOKIES['django_language'] = user_Language
                 settings.LANGUAGE_CODE = user_Language

Use official language codes.