Top Processes and LiteSpeed status does not show processes

I have installed Cyberpanel on Ubuntu 20.04 and everything seems to be working fine.
In the SERVICES STATUS panel, all the services work but in the Litespeed status panel I only see the list of version modules but I don’t see the processes.
In the TOP PROCESSES panel instead, I see only 5 processes of the user cyberpa + and no other processes despite the fact that all processes are active and working.
How can I view all server processes in the web interface?


In recent version of CyberPanel v2.1.2, there is a security measure that other users can not see processes from other users.

So CyberPanel users can only see its own processes, I will check with code to resolve this.

Thanks for the quick reply.
However in the CyberPanel there is only one user.
I am waiting for the solution to the problem.

Best regards