the bug about link 404

When I installed CyberPanel, it came up with an error:

when i open the link “” , it is 404

This VPS is in China.

I have another VPS in Korea, but without this problem

Is there a way for me to install CyberPanel without getting the content from, but rather from (as I do in other countries outside of China)

When I run the install command: sh <(curl || wget -O - , can I manually add a parameter $Server_Country and set it to a country other than CN? I don’t want to use Gitee’s Content_URL and Clone_URL


for whatever reason , my script to sync between github and gitee failed to work.

I have just manually sync’ed

to override country , you can edit file , and at this line

between fi and } , add a line like Server_Country="XX"

but try not to do this since gitee is fixed , some components like mariadb and lsphp could be dead slow from server within China mainland.

I have successfully installed CyberPanel and since the status of the link above is no longer 404, I am still using Gitee’s services. Many thanks to both experts.