Support Request of complete guideline to transfer Email Database from CyberPanel to CyberPanel

Hi, Looking for help to get full instructions or docs to transfer email databases including email addresses & mail data from CyberPanel to CyberPanel Server?

I have tried using Remote Transfer, and I have successfully received the website data file, DNS, and Email Address, everything works fine. But when I login to the email, I didn’t have any email list in my email address.

After That, I tried to sort out the issue by following some tutorials. Based on that I am using “vmail” transfer manually from root dictionary. Still the issue hasn’t been solved.

Can anyone please help me by providing complete instructions or guidelines to transfer the complete email with data from CyberPanel to CyberPanel?

Advance thanks for your support. Please noted that I am very beginner on server management specially on Console Operation :slight_smile: