Support .htaccess

I know that openlitespeed does not support .htaccess as litespeed enterprise, but it is important to enable it, if you want openlitespeed to advance that compatibility is fundamental and so more people will be encouraged to switch to ningx and apache.


These two guides might help you:

The problem is not the rules for administrators, but if you are doing a free panel, remember that many do not know almost anything, sometimes just install wordpress and that will remove the reliability and facility of the panel should think and meditate very well that, there are multiple applications where the .htaccess is fundamental and to convert all the rules, and the headings and directives will be a real headache for the end user, and that will make the user always go by the simplest, I want the panel to be successful I like openlitespeed, I have a reseller with cpanel + litespeed, and it’s incredible that’s why it’s essential to make the configuration to the end user.

I totally agree with the above. It should be enabled for all which makes this panel more usable with all type of projects. CyberPanel will be more popular if we add this. You can add this as a plugin if required to collect fund which is also important for the project support.

There is a request opened to have a solution for this Apache as Backend - Feature Request - CyberPanel Community but if there is not enough people maybe they don’t implement this :frowning:

You can add this as a plugin if required to collect fund which is also important for the project support.

I’m not sure I understand the point of this. If you are suggesting making this a paid plugin then what is the difference between that and just paying for a Litespeed Enterprise license?

OLS and Cyberpanel are amazing free software, but why should Litespeed be compelled to give everything away for free, they are a business and they need to sell license to exist. LS Ent is even free for one site installs and if you are using more than that then the pricing is really pretty low considering.

Yeah, it does give some incentive to use Litespeed instead.

I like the better rewrite support.

with openlitespeed the default stuff like this that works in APache does not work.

#Deny access to the wp-login page to all except the whitelisted IP’s below.

order deny,allow
Deny from all

whitelist home IP address

allow from

#whitelist office IP Address
allow from

#whitelist vpn IP Address
allow from

#commented out rule
#allow from

Block WordPress xmlrpc.php requests

order deny,allow deny from all order allow,deny deny from all

yes, deny access is not supported in OLS htaccess

but there is a workaround