Sub domain bug

When adding a subdomain, it shows an error message: ‘This domain already exists as a child domain. [404],’ even though the subdomain does not exist or has not been added. I checked the vhost to ensure that the subdomain does not exist.

Example of the subdomain I added:

Point you server IP to A Record and mention @ (ip) on your nameserver.


Point you server IP to A Record and mention www on your nameserver.

if you don’t understand share me your domain here i will guide you how to setup it.

check this out [TUTORIAL] How to change website domain or subdomain and try check you url with cononical on this tool might you find any redirection issue

Thank you but that is not the answer.

it is wvww not www

Also I found the answer I just manually added it to the vhost

oh ok in that case add A Record to wvww @ ip address

share you screenshot of DNS so that i can guide you the exact.
you can hide your ip and domain…