SSL Not applying bug in cyberpanel

SSl not applying to my site, hostname, sub domain. Bug in cyberpanel. Tried multiple time. It shows in log its applied but not working.

Does it show let’s encrypt certificate issued on manage website section? If it’s issued try clear browser cache or try with incognito mode.

This is true. SSL and PHP version changing not working on child domains.

Which version you are using?

Hello @ankitbnl406,

first of all, let us all be aware that after 5 times of requesting a new Certificate from Let’s Encrypt authority, you get banned for 5 days from newer certificate requests for this specific domain. This means that it is better when a Certificate Request seems to have failed, try to identify the reason in deep before proceeding with a new request.

So, I kindly ask that you share your logs, (Cyberpanel->Logs->Main Cyberpanel Log File) in order for us to try to identify the issue.

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I have to apply manual ssl and it works.

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