SSL issue while restored cPanel backup to CyberPanel on VPS

Hello Friends,
I am new at here and I am faced SSL issue for my some domains.
The detailed information help to understand the issue in better ways, so I am started with my previous Shared Hosting using cPanel, where there is a primary domain and other domains added as Add-On domains. I have restored the cPanel backup through CyberPanel on my VPS; since previously my all domains uses Free Let’s Encrypt SSL when I am on Shared Hosting before moving to CyberPanel.
As when I restored my cPanel backup then the SSL works fine for my primary domain as well shows for add-on domains like and but for and it shows Self-Signed SSL Cert.
Now I need help to fix and resolved this issue but don’t know how can I do?
So, Please help me to fix this issue.


nine times out of ten it will be misconfigured DNS that causes lets encrypt to fail. Test your domains (that failed) in a site like to see if there are errors.

Hello ianw5555,
I have updated my Nameserver Record to fix it as per the instructions given at here: Super Simple Nameserver Creation — CyberPanel - WebHosting Control Panel for OpenLiteSpeed
and due to this it may take some time to reply you since at present DNS propagation period is not completed ( as per 24-48 hour) so I can update you later about the result.
I have a question that if I can use the CyberPanel Feature “Issue SSL” [] for my primary domain to issue new SSL then is it conflict with previous SSL installation?
After using “Issue SSL” feature it can install a new fresh Lets Encrypt SSL for my Primary domain as well for all secondary domains.
I am asking this because my previous hosting is on “Shared Account” and now I am on VPS.
Thanks for the valuable information get-in reply.