SSH Problem

What I need to do to connect using SSH? I’m following this tutorial, but I can’t connect using any user from CP but root, getting “Permission denied (publickey)” as response. I can’t connect using FTP either. I’m using Ubuntu 18.04 and Cyberpanel from Digital Ocean.

I saw it yesterday, but I can connect to DO normally. The problem is SSH connection to any CyberPanel user or website. I have set SSH access on CP, but didn’t make any difference.

I think I found the issue. For some reason, the password setted on CyberPanel isn’t saved as user password. For example, user test1 from CyberPanel doesn’t share password with user test1 from Ubuntu, even after being created automatically by CyberPanel. If I use sudo passwd test1 to set a new password, I can login using SSH without any problem.

But I’m doing that. I set the SSH password in “SET UP SSH ACCESS” option in CyberPanel, but that password isn’t accepted to login using website SSH user. There’s some configuration that I am skipping?

Cyberpanel doesn’t allow user to use SSH shell access for security concern, doesn’t have this feature, Cyberpanel could consider to add this feature using Jailkit for security, some user need to use shell access to install Magento, Akeneo, docker, compose, etc