Something confusing to understand with websites function word

Hello all,

Im testing the panel as administrator and i gave a test account to one of my users,

I think that the use of “website” word is confusing, here is my opinion:

If you create 1 user is obviously that he is going to have at least 1 website or 1 domain (in case you only want to give them only mail access), so there is no need to create a user and create a website for the user, a user should be attached to a main domain not a website. I understand that website is any word wide web page, so user can have XX number of child websites that depend from its main website (or account), so the word website on the panel is erroneous,

This is what happened to me while testing:

I created a simple package with 1 domain because i just want the user to use 1 domain.

I created a user

I created website for the user with the package with his main domain.

User was able to add another domain to its website because it has 1 domain on package, so the main domain/website does not count as a domain and there is no way to put 0 domains in package because 0 means unlimited.

So “create website” for a user is a unnecessary item on panel, because it does not count as a domain.

I think that all the “websites” functions should be removed and add a main domain field when user creation just like others control panels do. There is no need to do 2 tasks.

Change the way that domains are handled so in package you can add 0 domains if you dont want that user create more domains but the main domain. i think cPanel has the best understanding on this: main domain, addon domain, parked domain and subdomain.

Actually, you could find in all billing software that 1 account = 1 main website, you could not add multiple main websites for an account and this have a reason.

What is the purpose to create multiple main websites for a user if he can add domains in they website? i think this is unnecessary.

I think that 1 account = 1 main domain its the way it should be, if user needs to manage multiple accounts then a reseller account its for him, if a user need another account with different features then he will ask for new account just like the others panels, if the user needs to change its main domain then the account should be deleted and a need account needs to be created for his new domain.

Dont you think?