Some requests and changes to panel

I have some requests/changes for cyberpanel.

implantation for MongoDB
PM2 Manager for NodeJs
PostgreSQL manager
SVN manager
Email tracking (date, domain, address, state=Unknown, Deferred, Failed, Delivered, set=Outbound, Inbound)
Skin manager to create our own skins for hosting companies could use it.

Applications change the name Application Manager for admin that could support different software plugins even third-party plugins self scripted plugins.
Custom errors pages (This should be change while users can do this them self.)
When create a domain for user owner and group that create should without numbers for example, I create domain for example9253 but without the 9253 numbers.
Service status change name to Service Monitor also make more clean logo isn’t needed also add pid number to page
Make a log viewer instead of all logs in different pages load all logs in one page let us select the log file that want to view instead.
top Processes change name to Process Monitor
File Editor for postfix, pro-ftp, sshd_config

Try also to make design more admin and user friendly.

You can install MongoDB anyways using this tutorial:

Supporting MongoDB installation natively is quite difficult in my view as its a complete new platform database and supporting multiple database structure in a single panel is quite not possible or hard to achieve. Even cPanel doesnt offer this even being supported by huge funding and huge developers working behind cPanel.

PM2 Manager for NodeJs - possible :white_check_mark: (developers can look into it)
PostgreSQL manager - possible :white_check_mark: (developers can look into it)
SVN manager - possible :white_check_mark: (developers can look into it)
Skin manager - Already available using css (check Design option in cyberpanel)

skin manager is more for uploading own design and html, design is only editor for css.
Also would just be possible if would put MongoDB into applications manager as pre setup install.