SMTP settings

I installed CyberPanel to a test VPS, but I have a problem in SMTP settings. Currently I have about 90 mail accounts in my current VPS (Plesk), I will transfer the accounts and messages manually to CyberPanel, but I don’t want the users to change any settings in their computers, phones, tablets, etc. I opened a test mail account in CyberPanel, I added this account to Thunderbird, it only works with “STARTTLS / normal password” in IMAP and and “STARTTLS / normal password” in SMTP settings in Thunderbird, all my customers use “Nothing / Password secure connection” in IMAP and “Nothing / Password secure connection” in SMTP settings. So, how can I disable to use STARTTLS in CyberPanel?

No reply for 4 days, now I understand why people choose CPanel or Plesk :slight_smile: