Site preview images

Not super important but I’m curious and it is driving me a bit nuts.

Under ‘List Websites’ I get a list of hosted sites (obviously) and to the left of each one is a picture of a telescope and “Failed to load preview”.

Is that just me, is there some way somewhere I am missing to assign a preview image, or is it supposed to be picked up automatically from somewhere, or is it just always like that?

This feature is supposed to work in future.

Ah, ok, thanks.

Maybe it would be good to change the text to something like ‘Feature not yet available’, so that it is clearer that it is just not a current feature, at the moment it looks a bit like an individual install error.

Totally agree.
Please bring Site Thumbnails.

I found a simple solution. Site previews coming from If you add this line to your hosts file in your computer then list website page is becoming fast.

This is setting DNS to nowhere.

I know this isn’t good solution but this is solving my problem for now.