SFTP Incremental Backup option not showing up

When I go to Incremental Backup → Add/Remove Destinations, SFTP is not showing up in the dropdown. Only AWS. This is on a fresh Ubuntu 20.04 install.

Yes, it was removed recently following a bug. It will be reinstated after fixing the bug as mentioned in the github branch.

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Thanks. That’s disappointing - I was starting to explore overriding the SFTP mechanism with rclone so that I can do incremental backups to OneDrive… Any idea when it will be fixed?

Also, it appears that it was previously planned to use rclone for Google Drive (and other services). Did that ever get explored? I and many others have 1 TB of free storage on OneDrive with Office 365 subscription…

Just open up a github issue or feedback which will be noticed and worked upon.

rclone didnt work out I guess.

But gdrive, s3 storage, sftp was all working… Currently m not using these functions and hence dnt know which is working and which is removed.

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Is Github the preferred place for these sorts of things (bugs, feature requests etc…)? We really need to get things more streamlined so that things are most likely to get the proper attention.

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For bug report, its better to go the github way because cyberpanel code developments are going in github and its easy for developers to check the bug report posts in github itself while updating and fixing the codes.

For rest things, this forum can be used.