server specs to install cyberpanel


I want to test this panel with Litespeed in a new server.
The new server will be :

centOS 7
Xeon E3 1246V3
2 x 2TB hard disks
32 GB of ram

The panel works fine with this configuration?
You recommend any other OS or something special?

When i install it i get web server, ftp server, dns server, mail server, MariaDB and php all installed by default?

Thanks in advance


CyberPanel needs min 1024MB ram so your hardware looks good. For now, only Centos 7.x is supported.

Yes CyberPanel installs:

  1. Webserver.
  2. Mail server.
  3. FTP Server.
  4. DNS Server
  5. Database server.
  6. and all PHPs.


Will you offer custom stack installations like if we dont need DNS, FTP and Mail servers? only web stack?