Server not found in few minutes

Sometime, one of my website hosted on cyberpanel is “server not found” in few minutes.
I tried to reboot Lite Speed, then wait for a few minutes. Then, it works.
How may I to fix it? Thanks.

Did you check the tuning setting for php? check the Memory Soft Limit and Memory Hard Limit is correct for your memory in vps/server.

Also check to see use in server status —> Top Processes and look to see if something is causing high values in %CPU and %MEM for a long period of time

If low ram and don’t have swap you could create if needed

My VPS has 6GB of RAM and 2GB of swap. Memory Soft Limit is 2047MB; Memory Hard Limit is also 2047MB. %CPU is always bellow 10% and %MEM is about 40%.