Server cannot enable StartTLS

Hello all,

I am using Cyberpanel for quite a while. Recently I updated to the latest build 3. Then I used the webmail redirect suggestion mentioned by @KingMac here: Custom URL for Webmail - #51 by KingMac

However, After that I am facing a “Server message: Cannot enable STARTTLS” error message.

Although I wanna mention that Emails work flawlessly via an Email Client. Facing this problem only in Webmail.

For troubleshooting, I tried to follow the instructions from @josephgodwinke here: Authentication failed Email Snappy Mail - #2 by josephgodwinke

Although while I found the password in admin_password.txt I tried to use Username as admin with no luck.

Hello @RitZz

Run in ssh terminal

nano /usr/local/lscp/cyberpanel/rainloop/data/_data_/_default_/configs/application.ini

search for this part

; Login and password for web admin panel
admin_login = "admin" ; this is your admin username
admin_password = ""

Thank you. Although it shows, the default is “admin”, which I already tried with and still received the “Authentication Failed” error.

Probably a wrong password. Check your password here /usr/local/lscp/cyberpanel/rainloop/data/_data_/_default_/admin_password.txt

Copying and Pasting the same password

Then you have to reset it usually some bug with snappymail. Use the steps here SnappyMail admin password reset - #2 by seanfitz09

check mail server ssl issue that and this will work

Got access to Snappy mail admin. STARTTLS is enabled there, However When I try to use the “test” option to verify I got the same error.

As recommended by the author if snappymail do this on snappymail admin:

Admin → Domains → open domain settings and set to None

But then how do I get Secure Starttls again?

Kindly follow up with the author here Server message: Cannot enable STARTTLS. · Issue #883 · the-djmaze/snappymail · GitHub

That’s not exactly a solution is it? I am just browsing emails insecurely…

Its best you continue this conversation with author on that link.

My snappymail version is 2.25.3. How would I go about updating it properly? Is there any option in cyberpanel or should I go through snappymail docs


$ postmap -F hash:/etc/postfix/
$ systemctl restart postfix

I am talking about snappymail webmail client not postfix…