Scheduled backup failing 2 accounts

Hello, I’m having a problem with only 2 specific server accounts with Cyberpanel, I have 1 daily cron task scheduled for him to make daily backups.

But there is a problem with 2 specific accounts that say that it failed to generate the backup, but by accessing their backup directory the compressed file is there and without any corruption, but this causes the backup not to be transferred to my remote server.

I have other accounts, but none of this error and are transferred correctly.

The strangest thing is that if you manually generate the backup through the panel, it runs without any problem.

[07.26.2020_06-00-17] Preparing to create backup for: Secret-Domain
[07.26.2020_06-00-17] Backup started for: Secret-Domain
[07.26.2020_06-00-17] Starting local backup for: Secret-Domain
[07.26.2020_06-00-19] Waiting for backup to complete…
[07.26.2020_06-00-30] Remote backup creation failed for Secret-Domain.

CyberPanel version?

It was in 2.0 build 1
Now I upgraded to 2.0 build 2 and simply no backup was generated today.

How can I force the generation of backups globally to check if it will run or generate an error?

/usr/local/CyberCP/bin/python /usr/local/CyberCP/plogical/

Run this command manually and see if all sites go through.

All were successfully sent, now I just don’t understand why he didn’t run today since it was scheduled

You can schedule it again.

There was a bug where some domains failed to generate backup, which was recently fixed.

In my case, its almost 50%. Any solution.