Schedule Backup job erros

I have saved scheduled backup jobs, not working giving error message and cant be deleted from the drop list menu, I’m sure that anyway to remove them from some configuration file somewhere.
when I try to select this job it, it gives error message as shown in
ttached pic.
I wanted to delete these jobs and create new ones. any help please?


Any tips, any help!!!

Sorry for late reply as I was omiting older posts and replying to all the new posts since 1st December 2021. Maybe your post got ignored. Thanks for bumping it up.

Login to SSH as root and type this:

vi /etc/crontab


nano /etc/crontab

And remove any entries you see which is related to scheduled backups. And save the file.

Thank you for your reply, Actually I have removed these shown entries and the corrupted jobs still existing in cyberpal!

Have you tried upgrading cyberpanel and recheck this?
Please try to upgrade cyberpanel and try again.

Thank you for your concern…
CyberPanel is already upgraded to the latest version, I think jobs entries exist in another file

same problem here

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