Restore Google drive backup

How can I restore the backup done on Google drive?

the same answer i want to ?


Download the file you want to restore from Google drive and upload it to /home/backup on your server.

Then use this guide → 1 - Backup/Restore - CyberPanel

I’ve restored my backup from Google Drive and my website now can not load the website. It forwards me to "
This is because the first time I tried to upload the archive to the domain folder I overwrote the files in the public_html folder.
Now after uploading for the second time my Archive from Gdrive backup to /home/, I cannot see this backup archive in the restore menu.
It doesn’t see anything. I think it tries to look in the " /home/backup folder. But the file is in “/home/” folder. In fact, I don’t have FTP acc to toch this folder. Every FTP account I try to create for the domain connected to folder "/home/… and can not see the main Home folder.
Can you help me with this, please!?
My site is down now!