Restore Google drive backup

How can I restore the backup done on Google drive?

the same answer i want to ?


Download the file you want to restore from Google drive and upload it to /home/backup on your server.

Then use this guide → 1 - Backup/Restore - 07 - Backups - CyberPanel Community

I’ve restored my backup from Google Drive and my website now can not load the website. It forwards me to "
This is because the first time I tried to upload the archive to the domain folder I overwrote the files in the public_html folder.
Now after uploading for the second time my Archive from Gdrive backup to /home/, I cannot see this backup archive in the restore menu.
It doesn’t see anything. I think it tries to look in the " /home/backup folder. But the file is in “/home/” folder. In fact, I don’t have FTP acc to toch this folder. Every FTP account I try to create for the domain connected to folder "/home/… and can not see the main Home folder.
Can you help me with this, please!?
My site is down now!

If you want to quickly add the Google Drive backup to your /home/backup folder you can use a handy CLI tool called gdown. It lets you download big Google Drive files directly to your server.

In the terminal

pip install gdown
cd /home/backup

Share your .tar.gz file as a public link. Look at the link and copy just the ID which is what’s after /file/d/ e.g. 1_zZ4q_HOmI_fj7nImJiU-_u01FkepU6W

gdown 1_zZ4q_HOmI_fj7nImJiU-_u01FkepU6W

You’ll then be able to restore the file in Cyberpanel.

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