Restore but no data , not import the database data

Hi, I have create backup , and delete the bad website start to restore,

I login into phpmyadmin, or ssh to mysql , there is no data in the databse

so I need to import the data manually??

I have delete the website again , and try to restore again , still the same result , and I have check the backup tar file, inside there is database data

so anyone have the same problem and have any solutions?

same with me

how ?
from where ? cyberpanel ?
what is your cyberpanel version ?

you do same step ? are you both twins ?
what kind of same ?

delete the website on cyberpanel

restore again by the cyberpanel , and website have restored , but no database, because i login the website no account.
and I login into phpmyadmin, the database is empty
and I download the backup tar file to my local computer and unzip it . and there is sql database file

so I import it by phpmyadmin , all data come back

but the data need I to restore manually like this

the cyberpanel version is the latest, that I could sure

better to create new post please…

so me or other member here can more specific on your problem