Remove backup error (again)

Current Version :2.3
Build :1
Current Commit :9c0f4927ae12589c9e64fd48f841a15ff7027360

Latest Version :2.3
Latest Build :1
Latest Commit :9c0f4927ae12589c9e64fd48f841a15ff7027360

Remote backup failure… progress said complete… but nothing transfered

I had this same one before…
I have had problems with incremental backups too, kind of lose trust on cyberpanel backups…
Still running incremental to S3 but for my own sites I do updraft too. Also I do weekly server snapshot so at least if customers backups crap out have something to restore if incremental fail…

actually i just test the feature…

and i found remote backup failed
do you find this error too now ?

Share compelete logs of both server and both are updated

vps already destroyed…
hourly vps :smiley:

btw where is the complete log about this remote-backup progress ?

i will re build the vps and test it